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Janet Hyojo Oh (she/her) is a Korean American producer and screenwriter based in NYC. Writing has been her personal creative outlet, especially after living in South Korea for one year during a tumultuous adolescent period. Janet holds a BA in Cinema Studies with double minors in Film Production and Dramatic Literature from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she honed her skills in crafting narratives that explore identity and culture.

Janet’s storytelling aims to bridge cultural divides and inspire positive changes, and she is committed to diverse and inclusive narratives. She wrote and produced Like Clockwork (2024), a short rom-com currently on the film festival circuit, and co-produced Delicates, another rom-com short in post-production.

Recently selected as one of six writers for the JHRTS NY Writers Room Season 2 Program, Janet is excited to learn about the dynamics of a working writer’s room. In addition to being an active member of NYWIFT, Janet serves on the Executive Board of the NYU Arts and Entertainment Alumni Network and the board of Cutter Connections. 

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Featured Interviews


  • Being Here (short film) - Producer - Post Production

  • Delicates (short film) - Producer - Post Production

  • Like Clockwork (short film) - Producer - 2024


  • We Meet Again (TV pilot screenplay) - 2024

  • Like Clockwork (short screenplay) - 2023

  • How to Become a Brit (TV pilot screenplay) - 2022

    • Finalist | Boston Screenplay Awards 2022​

  • Woosung (TV pilot screenplay) - 2021

    • Best TV Pilot | Fan Fiction Film Festival - 2021​

Other Works

  • Chaebol (short film) - 2019

  • Under Pressure | Doctor Who Fan Minisode (short film) - 2018

  • I Hate Being Korean American (short film) - 2018

  • Apples & Oranges (feature screenplay) - 2017

  • Figment (short film) - 2016

  • Erase (short film) - 2015

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