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Directed by Lauren Anderson
Written by Janet Hyojo Oh

Produced by Janet Hyojo Oh and Lauren Anderson

Grad student Ali is reluctant to accept a job offer that would uproot her life in New York City and completely change the trajectory of her life. But when she spontaneously runs into an old fling, old feelings flood back in, making it harder for the romantic soul to make the biggest decision in her life.


DELICATES (Post-Production)

Directed by Ben See-Tho and Kyle Peterson
Written by Kyle Peterson
Shot by Benjy Berkowitz
Produced by Emily Massey and Janet Hyojo Oh

Fresh from a break up, Colin shuffles through the motions of his life and his laundry. When his treasured sock is lost in the wash, it is taken in by the stubborn and quick-witted Megan. The two soon discover they can communicate telepathically whenever they wear their half of the pair. Over the course of a year, we follow the unlikely friendship and strange romance of two lost twenty-somethings who meet foot to foot but never face to face.

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by Janet Hyojo Oh

Short Concept for "WOOSUNG" Pilot Screenplay 

A second-generation Korean American woman in her mid-20s assumes a leadership position at her South Korean grandfather's internationally renowned electronics company. However, she unexpectedly faces relentless media attacks, fueled by public discontent with chaebols (conglomerate families). On top of that, she must face the daunting task of proving to her father and the male-dominated company that she is not only capable but also deserving of taking on this pivotal role.

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 Short Film by Janet Hyojo Oh 

Two strangers find themselves on a crashing spaceship, their only means of communication being the ability to hear each other's thoughts.

(Class Assignment on silent filmmaking)

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Short Film by Janet Hyojo Oh

A semi-autobiographical journey.

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When Korean American Joan joins her high school's Model UN team, a mysterious "Dark Creature" appears, disrupting her life. With her grandmother suddenly falling ill in South Korea, thousands of miles away, Joan's world is turned upside down. As she delves deeper in her past year spent in that country, facing haunting memories, she finds herself embarking on a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation with her cultural identity.

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Short Film by Janet Hyojo Oh

A blank folder grants a selfish young boy the extraordinary power to transcend time and space. As he ventures to uncharted realms, he soon realizes that he's being pursued by a shadow from his unresolved past. 

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ERASE (2015)

Written, Directed, and Edited by Janet Hyojo Oh


Short Film 

Due to a strange glitch in the multiverse, two high school students accidently stumble upon the main headquarters overseeing the multiverse, including their own world. Upon discovering a sinister plan aimed at deleting certain universes and their inhabitants, they embark on a race against time to prevent the destruction of entire realities.

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