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My name is Janet Hyojo Oh. I'm a Korean American Producer and Screenwriter, making waves in the arts and entertainment realm with my passion for rom-com stories. I hold a BA in Cinema Studies from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a Certificate in Scriptwriting & YA Fiction from Oxford University's Creative Writing Summer School. Beyond storytelling, I enjoy traveling, indulging in my love for Doctor Who, and collaborating with fellow creatives. 

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My Story

I am a Korean American screenwriter and producer based in NYC. Inspired by my all-time favorite TV show, Doctor Who, I began writing and directing sci-fi/fantasy short films in high school before falling in love with the rom-com genre.

Writing has been my personal creative outlet after living in South Korea for one year during a tumultuous adolescent period. I immersed myself in storytelling that explored the depths of identity and culture in my quest for self-discovery. My previous works have been recognized in screenwriting competitions, including the Boston Screenplay Awards (Finalist) and the Fan Fiction Film and Screenplay Festival (Best TV Pilot). Currently, I am exploring the romance genre while centering on Korean Americans, not only because the genre needs a resurgence, but also because I want to inspire self-love and healing attachment wounds through my stories. 

In addition to storytelling, I am proud to serve on the Cutter Connections committee and on the NYU Arts and Entertainment Alumni Network as an Executive Board Member.


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